Greengard Program Description

The Day Program provides a curriculum that is individually tailored to each participant’s preferences, interests, and abilities. The curriculum of the day program is grounded in an evidence-based and compassionate approach, providing a safe, comfortable and enriching milieu that promotes learning, belonging and well-being.

The day program is based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Positive Behavior Support. ABA is the systematic use of techniques taken from the scientific principles of behavior that regards the importance of the individual’s environment in altering socially significant behavior. Positive Behavior Support utilizes researched-based interventions to increase the quality of life for individuals with autism and eliminate challenging behaviors. The focus is on the use of respectful and affirming strategies that emphasize positive behaviors, altering the environment and replacing previous behaviors.

The Greengard Center for Autism Day Program provides a unique integration of four components:

  • NEW LEARNING NEVER ENDS. The GCFA Day Program goals focuses on developing new skills as well as maintaining already acquired skills: communication, functional academics and adaptive living skills, expected behavior skills, social skills, and individualized leisure and employment skills. The Day Program will cover a full spectrum of daily living skills in order to challenge all participants to continue to expand their life goals and to improve their quality of life.
  • FAMILY INPUT IS ESSENTIAL for the individual’s success. GCFA believes that the family’s knowledge of their child’s unique history and culture, learning profile, the parent’s hopes and dreams must be carefully documented and honored.
  • COMMITMENT TO LIFELONG HEALTHY LIVING IS VITAL. Developing regular exercise, expanded nutritious food choices, involvement in the arts, and active participation in recreational opportunities will help to provide the participants with confidence, expanded opportunities for enjoyment and a positive well-being.
  • CREATING MEANINGFUL WORK AND SOCIAL OPPORTUNITIES IS KEY. GCFA is committed to developing valuable employment and volunteer opportunities within the local community; such as The GreenGarden project, our first venture.

Greengard Example Schedule

9:00 am Gym

10:00 am Learning Center

12:00 pm Independent Computer Time

12:15 pm Lunch at Portsmouth restaurant

1:30 pm Work

3:00 pm Music Therapy/Activities

3:30 pm Grocery Shopping

Greengard Criteria for the Day Program

The criteria to determine which individuals can be served will be based on several factors. They must be 21 years of age or older and diagnosed with autism or an autism related disorder. They must require the support and structure of a day program as the result of moderate to significant disability. Individuals who live in New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts are eligible to participate in the Day Program. They must be willing to participate in a comprehensive assessment to ensure that there is an appropriate fit between the needs of the applicant and the services provided by the Greengard Center for Autism.

The Greengard Center for Autism is a provider program in New Hampshire. This allows eligible participants to receive state funding for the Day Program.

Greengard Contact





95 Brewery Lane
Portsmouth, New Hampshire