The mission of the Greengard Center for Autism located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, is to create quality programs for adults and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder. The Greengard Center seeks to provide unique lifelong opportunities for individuals with autism to have a productive quality of life through ongoing education, meaningful work, and access to recreation, social and community acceptance and participation.

What's Next?

A child with autism...

...grows up to be an adult with autism.

"Every parent who has a child with autism of greater need, worries about what will happen when that child becomes an adult with autism. We worry about how we will manage as we get older and we worry about who will be there when we are gone. The Greengard Center is being created to address these needs and provide programs for adults with autism that can give families a sense of security. We are creating a program and home that answers the question, ‘what’s next?’"

For those of you who are interested in our Programs, please email us at or by phone (603) 501-0686 to receive updates on our progress and additional information.

The Greengard Center for Autism is announcing the “kick off” of our first annual “Walk the New Hampshire Beaches” 2017 summer fund raising project.
Join us in our mission to provide quality programs to enhance the lives of adults and adolescents with autism and their families in our community.
All of our participants at the Greengard Center will be walking from Seabrook to Wallis Sands Beach, Rye from April (Autism Awareness Month) through Labor Day 2017.
How can you help? Walk with a group, walk over the summer, walk in one day…….gather sponsors to donate and help the Greengard Center continue to develop programs that improve the lives of those with autism in our community.
Contact the Greengard Center at or 603-501-0686 for a packet that will include information on the route and sponsorship forms.
This is a fun way to visit our wonderful New Hampshire Seacoast, promote healthy living, and support the Greengard Center!!!! Join Us!!!


95 Brewery Lane
Portsmouth, New Hampshire